You booking will be confirmed within 8 hours after submitting your details using our reservation form. On some occasions our website may not have updated and may show availability for certain trips which have already become partly or fully booked. This may result in us being unable to accept your reservation. In these rare cases you will be notified by email and your deposit refunded. Please do not make any travel or accommodation plans before you have received a FULL EMAIL CONFIRMATION


The final balance payment is the price advertised on the reservation form minus the deposit paid online. The final balance must be paid in full on the day of your departure in USD$ CASH. This includes departures from Cartagena, Colombia. In most cases you will meet the captain 24 hours before departure who will assist you should you need help locating a foreign currency exchange.


The advertised cost of your trip is inclusive of the following:

  • Transportation and charter for the advertised number of days
  • All administration costs
  • Port fees
  • Island visitation and anchoring fees
  • Immigration service fees and agents
  • Port authority fees
  • Food & non alcoholic beverages

Passengers should be sure to budget accordingly for the following costs:

  • Transportation by public or private transport to the advertised departure location and onward travel on arrival at your destination
  • Any fee’s or visa’s required to enter the country of arrival
  • $20.00USD per person compulsory tourist fee payable to the GUNA YALA CONGRESSO
  • Gratuities or contributions that may be asked of you by members of the indigenous community in some cases, typically when taking photos of certain individuals in traditional dress or for coconuts
  • Alcoholic beverages and snacks



If you need to cancel your trip for any reason you should notify us at the earliest possible opportunity. Refunds of your reservation deposit will only be issued if we are able to replace your space aboard the boat with another full paying passenger. A refund will not be applicable if the space is filled by a third party agency where a commission is required to be paid.


In very rare cases your trip may need to be cancelled or delayed in advance owing to events including but not limited to; mechanical failure, sickness or unavailability of crew, unsafe sailing conditions, local protest/industrial action, government department closure (Immigration or Port Authority)

If your trip is delayed by more than 48hrs before departure you will have the opportunity to cancel your booking with all pre-paid reservation deposits refunded in full. If departure is delayed by less than 48hrs the trip will go ahead with a revised itinerary and finishing date to compensate for the delay. Therefore no refund or compensation will be applicable.

Any delays occurring after the start of trip will be managed by the captain after consulting with all passengers. For example is the trip cannot be completed in full.


 You must ensure that You have a full passport (and if applicable visa) with a sufficient validity period to allow entry and exit to all countries indicated on Your Booking(s).

You must contact the relevant embassy or consulate to ascertain the entry requirements for each individual country listed in Your Booking(s).

 You are responsible for obtaining the correct documentation for entry into each destination country. We do not accept liability if you cannot travel and/or are delayed because of a failure to comply with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.


We strongly recommend you have adequate travel insurance in place to cover unforeseeable losses including but not limited to; loss, theft or damage to personal property, medical costs arising from accident or illness whilst on board the boat or islands, any costs incurred due to a delay such as missed transport connections.