Western Caribbean – April 2018

Join me on a once in a lifetime expedition to explore the western Caribbean with S/Y Quest, visiting areas from Cuba in the north to the remote banks of the Western Caribbean and San Andres & Providencia. Sailing aboard the purpose built S/Y Quest, our journey will take us from Cartagena, Colombia on the 1st of April via Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, San Andres & Providencia archipelago to Portobelo in Panama on the 30th April.

We will be visiting top dive destinations in the Caribbean as well as exploring some of the remotest reefs and in addition to that we will be sailing in perfect trade wind conditions across the Caribbean.

You will be provided with three meals per day, accommodation aboard the S/Y Quest and the diving essentials (tanks, unlimited refills and weights).

I have personally sailed the route in April 2014 and April 2015 to mark the reefs and I am now extending this unique expedition to adventurous divers and sailors that want to experience something away from the normal charter routs.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the remotest parts of the western Caribbean and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Detailed Itinerary

Please note that the information provided below is to be used as a general example itinerary only. Your trip, and the islands you visit may be different depending on weather and / or anchoring conditions.

Day 1:

You will be boarding S/Y Quest at Club Nautico in Cartagena at 9:00 am. After everybody settle in we will have lunch, and after lunch we will set sail for our fist destination, Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands. The distance from Cartagena to Cayman Brac is 620 nm and it will take us 4 days.

Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:

We will be arriving Cayman Brac by midday. After clearing with immigration and customs we will spend the rest of the day diving.

Day 6:

We will spend all day diving

Day 7:

After a morning dive we will set sail towards Cienfuegos in Cuba. The distance from Cayman Brac to Cienfuegos is 145 nm and it will take us 24 hours .

Day 8:

We will arrive Cienfuegos in the morning. After clearing with customs and immigration you will be free to explore Cuba. Those who wishes can take a bus to Havana, spend the night there and come back the following day. Or you can visit the nearby town of Trinidad. Trinidad is the oldest town in the Americas and was founded in 1514

Day 9:

In Cienfuegos, Cuba

Day 10:

We will depart Cienfuegos in the late afternoon to arrive Jardin de la Reina the following day.

Day 11:

We will arrive Jardin de la Reina in the late morning. This will be the first of 7 days that we will be exploring and diving this remote part of the Caribbean.

Day 12:

Jardin de la Reina

Day 13:

Jardin de la Reina

Day 14:

Jardin de la Reina

Day 15:

Jardin de la Reina

Day 16:

Jardin de la Reina

Day 17:

Jardin de la Reina. We will depart Cuba in the evening heading for Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Day 18:


Day 19:

We will be arriving Port Antonio, Jamaica in the early morning. After clearing with immigration and customs you are free to explore the Jamaica. There are some beautiful waterfalls nearby or you can go on a rafting tour on Rio Grande.
Quest will be provisioning and filling up with fuel.

Day 20:

We will be departing Port Antonio in the evening for the overnight 60 nm sail to Morant Cays.

Day 21:

We will spend the day diving at Morant Cays. Here is a beautiful wreck teaming with sea live. We were also visited by 2 dolphins at the wreck when we were there 2015.
We will depart Morant Cays in the afternoon for our next stop, Serrena Bank, 320 nm away.

Day 22:


Day 23:


Day 24:

Arriving Serrena Bank in the morning.
We will be exploring and diving Serrena Bank. This is uncharted territory, and Serrena Cay is actually 1.5 miles away from its charted position. Serrena Bank once had a small population making a living of collecting birds eggs and taking them to Jamaica to sell. Today it is uninhibited except for a Colombian Navy station. We will visit them and bring them some rum from Cuba which was much appreciated when we were there in 2015. They will most likely also give us a guided tour of the island which is teaming with seabirds.

Day 25:

We will be exploring and diving Serrena Bank all day and sail for Roncador Bank, 59 nm away, in the evening.

Day 26:

We will arrive Roncador Bank in the morning. We will spend all day diving, and set sail in the evening for the remote island of Isla Providencia, 87 nm away.

Day 27:

We will arrive Isla Providencia in the early morning.
After clearing in with customs and immigration we will be exploring the island. We will also arrange with a shark dive with the local dive operator Felipe’s Dive Shop.
In the evening we will have dinner at Roland’s Reggae Bar and soak up some island vibes. He has live music every Friday and we will be there on a Friday.

Day 28:

We will spend the day diving Isla Providencia and set sail for our final destination, Portobelo in Panama. The distance to Portobelo is 250 nm so it will take us about 1.5 days.

Day 29:


Day 30:

We will arrive Portobelo in the morning.

This complete our expedition. You will have sail approximately 2000 nautical miles, visited 6 different countries and dived some of the most untouched areas in the Caribbean.

After breakfast we will clear in with customs and immigration and you can continue to Panama City, your nearest airport, about 2 hours away.